Abena Amoah is an emerging writer born in Ghana, West Africa. Abena fell in love with storytelling as a child through African drama movies and T.V shows. To this day, she remembers accounts of the joy in telling stories through performing in church and school plays. Abena began actively writing by keeping a notebook of poetry and short stories at the age of nine. A new voice among African writers, she aspires to tell stories that insist on visibility. 

Her debut work, Unspoken, a collection of poetry, explores themes of trauma, self-discovery, and femininity through poetry. She is an advocate of mental health awareness and is pursuing a career as a mental health professional. Her long term goal is to return home to Ghana and build a non-profit Youth Development Center that celebrates arts and with a mission to support adolescents in their overall growth and offer multiple opportunities for a range of skill-building and horizon-broadening experiences. Abena currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

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